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 Post subject: Summary important changes
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:29 am 
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If u played the old MA in the past this might be interesting for you.
Here are the major differences to the old map:

None Balance Related
1) Unit Description
each unit has a button with a detailed description, contaning the counters, playing difficulty, and some tipps

2) Custom Skins
Heroes and Elites have custom skins.
You can unlock theese with terrazin in the mid-shop in the "Bounty Shop" section.
Terrazin can be gained by killing command centers and winning a game

Balance Related
1) permanent ultimates
-ultimates do not time out anymore but also cost more (1250 reasearch, 1000 rebuild each)

2) high templar/infestor - no empkill
both festor and HT have been nerfed on the range (fungal storm)
emp has been nerfed in return, 2x spam does NOT kill HT/fest anymore
HT/fest have to be killed by 2emp+1shoot (autoattack)

in order to emp-spamkill HT/fest u must have 3 hero attack damage more,
than HT/fest have hero health upgrades

4) Queen leech and the emp
queen does leech a flat amount of 10 energy per hit
emp does energy-block the units beeing hit, so they cannot regenerate/leech any energy for 15 seconds
ghost is ment to be the softcounter to Archon and Queen

5) New Unit Cyclone
the cyclone is a good softcounter to Elites and Heroes, but it does not farm very well
you can use "lock-on" to continusly deal high damage to any target
the cyclone will automaticly lock on air targets which makes it an excellent counter to air mercenaries
beware of yamatos and FF tho, as cyclones are very expencive, and loosing them hurts

6) New Unit Arbiter (the Siege Tank counter)
Arbiters possess 3 spells.
-cloak: temporary cloaks all units around the arbiter, but the arbiter cannot shoot while cloaking
-recall: transports all units in the target area to the arbiter
-disruption web: casted on an area, preveting all units within from shooting (good to silence and counter siege tanks, also silences your own units!)

7) Battle Crusier got Tactical Jump
BCs now have the "Tactical Jump" ability, which allows them to teleport themselfs anywhere on the map without vision.
Notice though, that you can only have either dreadnought-shields to block snipes or tactical jump, not both!

8) Air Counter circle
-Mutalisks deal extra damage against light units (Maraider, Phantom, Hunters)
-Voidrays deal extra damage against armored units (Lancer, Immortal, Roaches), but dont deal light units as well as mutalisks
-Goliath and Wraith still Counter Air

Did u know, that Mutalisks had splash one top of their galive bounce?
-Mutalisks attack still bounce, but they do not splash anymore

9) Stim for free
stim has been given for free to anybody, because melee players always had a 150 minerals disadvantage just by choosing melee

10) Hunter Killers higher base stats
HKs have more movenment speed, and full splash on base (unlike old where u had to upgrade range 3 times, b4 hk splash did anything)
this was made to make HK viable without spending tons of minerals into them

11) No, there is no Hk bug u can abuse, no ;)

12) Phoenix -> Voidseeker
phoenix now morph into the voidseeker which is a HERO COUNTER, NO FARMER
the voidseeker has a longer range on the graviton beam, and it is the only unit that can lift the odin and the ultralisk

12) Thor -> Odin
the Odin is back :D
Odin as well as the Ultralisk can not be lifted by Phoenixes

Game Design Realted WIP
1) Armor Cost Scaling 25
armor cost will increase by 25 per upgrade instead of 50
this means for each attack upgrade there will be 1 armor upgrade as response
the initial armor cost will be increased to 325 minerals to start with.
this means that the first 4 armor upgrades actualy cost 50 minerals more in total that b4 (so this is a early game armor nerf not a buff !!)
in the later game stages fast shooting units or such with splash (lancer immortal) always won due to the 2:1 attack:armor realtionship.
the armor change is supposed to give units like phantoms or melee in general (ultralisk/ beetles for example) at least a chance.
keep in mind, that buying more armor upgrades is not for free, and will eat up most your minerals

2) Ultralisk Ultimate
the current one is nonsense, but iam not sure what to give it instead that would be worth beeing an "ultimate or ultimate ability"

3) Colossus
basically same problem as with ultralisk
- cibi colossus will be readded as a separate morph, just like lurker

4) Base Defenses
all base defenses have gotten alot cheaper
the stats have not changed yet


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