Crow's and Yuuki's premade tips.
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Author:  Crow [ Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Crow's and Yuuki's premade tips.

The majority of the time i spend on sc i spend playing premades so I wanted to share some of the stuff i learned there with the whole community in a little forum thread and feel free to share your ideas so we can add it all up of course

(I myself of course not allways follow these "rules" but they are gameplay enhancing nevertheless)

1.Don't eat before the game.

Try not to eat or at least not a lot before the game because it will focus all your energy on processing this food in your stomach (take a nap after u had a big lunch-hear that before?:D)
and you will be less energized and focused for a challenging pre

2.Drink a lot.

No, not beer.
Drink lots of water for example it pumps up your focus and makes your brain work a lot faster which is something viable in terms of playing a game in a professional environment

3.Feel comfortable

If you don't feel like playing you will not win in most of the cases. Also if you are stressed about anything then you will be much less focused on efficient gameplay.

4.Make yourself comfy

If you have to focus on not falling of a shelf ou wont manage to lift a hero
will you? Pretty self explanatory.

5.Don't make subjective decisions (Leave your feelings out of the game)

Sometimes things can become pretty stressy and leaving a curse
here or there wont hurt anyone but if you start making gameplay decisions based on yout feelings you will not win challenging games.
That is simply because subjective decisions often focus on one unimportant point to decide something big and will leave the major points out of interest.

6.Think about yourself, not the enemy.

As long as there are more than two parties alive don't make decisions AGAINST a specific enemy team but always FOR yourself.
Why? because spending 600 on killing someones merc and getting 350 from it and then him rebuilding it for 350 might put you in a 100mineral advantage but against the other teams you will loose 250 minerals.

7.Don't depend on your teammate.

Now that sounds bad.
Why? If you loose you will eventually have to blame that mate who you were depending on for the loss and why? because you made yourself dependant on him. Thats now where you can start blaming it on yourself because you made yourself dependant.
Teamstrats where you depend on each other can be of great strength but also have double the weaknesses and because MA is a REAL-time-strategy game it can be very fast paced action where you will not always be able to decide about things together.
So if you don't know your mate extremely well (behavior, pros and cons, likes and dislikes,strengths and weaknesses, preferences....) then try not to depend on him on gamedeciding factors.

8.If it is not too obvious(cross team going for true feeding strat (double melee against air??)) don't blame anyone but yourself.

Otherwise you wont improve.
Not by one bit.
Always blaming bad games on others and not on your own bad decisions (if you need it go watch the replay) then you wont improve because you will not try to improve your decisionmaking in the concerned ways.
This is really important and puts you in front of a big wall because MA has an insanely high skillcap and every game is just a little different so not blaming yourself and therefore not improving your decisionmaking wont get you far.

9.Listen listen listen. Talk talk talk.

Listen to your teammate and what he want's to go for so you can adjust to him.
Listen to tips given by other players and don't take them as an insult if not so intended.
Tell your teammate what you will go for and what teamstrat u have thought of,
will make both of your lifes much easier.


Adjust the gamesettings.
Turn off background noises- useless stuff hat will distract u
Turn off voices- really important to hear FOR AIUR every time u a-move your fkn zealots isn't it?
Turn off music- background noises by Blizzards Band or whatsoever.
Turn on teamcolors- if you see yellow scans and you know yellow has a ghost it is probeably time to hide your festor and hit a counter scan isn't it? Always usefull!
Make your controlgroups unassignable- my favorite LotV feature. you don't want your ravens to slip into your marines control group(just as an example) if you just missclick on it. This option will save you a lot of trouble.
Play with the settings until you feel you have eliminated all the distracting stuff.

11.Be relaxed.

The last thing you want is panik-decisions and panik-movements and panik in general because it always makes everthing go bad because you will effectively leave the thinking to you billion years old human instincts and not to your brain anymore.

12.Never Surrender.(When in non-sudden death mode)

I play this game for a while now and i can say the most tense and wrost looking games with a win as their outcome have been the best ones. If you know you might have a chance to outplay your enemy even though he might have 3times your bounty but is less good at lategame than you are, then you can always try instead of quitting without giving your best.
This counts for sudden death mode to some extent aswell of course even though lategame got lost there.

13.Be confident.

I don't want to encourage you to act carelessly or decide to challenge physics but a little confidence in your subconscious mind is the most important thing when plaing a game on this
This is hard to handle most of the time because too much will lead to the things named above and too less will make you a depressed negative player with 0 chances of
But believe me it is one hell of an important thing about winning tense games because the subconscious mind is far more influential on your decisions than one might believe.
Overall it should let you believe in your capabilities but not let you overestimate them.

With the last point being probeably the most important one i want to close this for now but i will edit this once in a while when something comes to my mind.
If anyone thinks this is a guide to poor tryharding? yes it is :D but as i said i don't follow those "rules" myself most of the time and the only thing i have them is because i usually try to make the best out of whatever i am spending my time on.
And yes of course add the 14th "Always have fun" rule which is also the most important one for myself. So as usual feel free to suggest things to be added and discuss anything i wrote there but always keep in mind that it is only my personal point of view and if you disagree with everything then feel free to prove me wrong on my ideas about premades.
Of course never forget to play a save strat that doesnt have a lot of weaknesses and counters even though it may not be the strongest one , if you sre new to the scene.:)



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